Last updated: Mar 15th, 2021


Is the bot ready?

The first release is out now. You can download it from our GitHub.


Can I connect the bot to facebook?

Social media bots is a feature that is on our road map but currently you can not do this out of the box,


Is there a free version?

The Lemur Engine is open source which means you can use it for free! Check it out from GitHub.


Why can I get help?

Depending on what type of help you want you can get it in a couple of ways.
Check out our socials page for information on how to reach us.

Can I help develop?

We appreciate all contributions to the Project. From new features to fixing typos! Head over to our GitHub and have a look at our road map to see what we are doing next or check out any open issues to see the things we need help with.

How do I report a security bug?

If you find a security bug please let us know by sending an email to: bugs@lemurengine.com

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If you need help with customisation or a bespoke feature - then get in touch with us over that theramenrobotdiscocode.com and let's see how we can help.

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